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[The Girl in the Spider's Web: A New Dragon Tattoo Story] The Girl in the Spider's Web: A New Dragon Tattoo Story

Dramatic Thriller: A young vigilante must contend with various people coming after her following her hacking-based theft of a top-secret military program.

[Dr. Seussí The Grinch] Dr. Seussí The Grinch

Computer-Animated Comedy: In this animated update of the classic Dr. Seuss story and TV cartoon, the Grinch hopes to ruin the Christmas spirit of the citizens of Whoville.

[Overlord] Overlord

Action-Horror: American soldiers on a mission in World War II France discover a village where secret Nazi experiments have taken a horrific turn.

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[Alpha] Alpha

Drama/Action: Having been left for dead after a hunting accident, a young Paleolithic era man sets out across hostile environs to try to make it home, with his only companion being a wild wolf he's nursed back to health.

[Juliet, Naked] Juliet, Naked

Romantic Dramedy: Fed up with her longtime boyfriend's obsession with an alt rock star who stopped making records decades ago, a woman ends up in a unique relationship with that very man.

[The Meg] The Meg

Sci-fi/Action: Scientists and deep sea explorers mistakenly release a 70-foot prehistoric shark, and only one man can stop the creature.

[Mile 22] Mile 22

Action: An elite team of CIA ops tries to get a foreign defector out of his country in exchange for him giving up the location of missing cesium that's going to be used in a terrorist attack.

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