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[Avengers: Endgame] Avengers: Endgame

Superhero Action: Having been spared the murder of half the world's population by a powerful villain, the surviving superheroes must not only figure out how to find and deal with him, but also whether they can possibly go back and stop all of that from having happened in the first place.

[Breakthrough] Breakthrough

Drama: A mother's prayers bring her 14-year-old son back to life after he plunges into an icy lake and has no heartbeat for nearly 45 minutes.

[The Curse of La Llorona] The Curse of La Llorona

Horror: A mother tries to protect her kids from an evil spirit that wants to kill them.

[Penguins] Penguins

Documentary: A look at a 5-year-old Adelie penguin's return to his birthplace to rear chicks of his own.

[Teen Spirit] Teen Spirit

Drama: A poor teen enters a televised singing competition show in hopes of winning it all, with an unlikely ally helping her along the way.

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[Escape Room] Escape Room

Suspense/Thriller: Six strangers sign on to participate in an escape room challenge only to find themselves in various life and death situations..

[Destroyer] Destroyer

Drama: A burned out cop tries to track down the cult-like leader of a group of bank robbers who she and her partner previously infiltrated while undercover..

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