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[Bad Boys For Life] Bad Boys For Life

Action/Comedy: A long-time cop duo must contend with a woman who wants to get revenge on those who wronged her in the past, including one of those detectives.

[Dolittle] Dolittle

Adventure: To save the life of the queen and the manor she bequeathed him, a reclusive, widowed man who can talk to animals sets out with them to find a cure for her.

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[The Addams Family] The Addams Family

Animated Comedy: A ghoulish couple moves to New Jersey, raises a family of outcasts, and eventually clashes with a nearby master-planned community founded on conformity.

[Black and Blue] Black and Blue

Dramatic Thriller: A rookie cop must contend with being framed for the murder of a young drug dealer by a corrupt narcotics detective.

[Countdown] Countdown

Horror: A nurse must contend with the discovery that a countdown app on her phone is indicating the actual time of her upcoming death.

[Zombieland: Double Tap] Zombieland: Double Tap

Horror/Comedy: Four non-infected survivors of a zombie apocalypse must contend with running into other fellow survivors as well as the introduction of mutant zombies who are faster, stronger and much more difficult to kill.

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