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[The BFG] The BFG

Fantasy/Adventure: An orphan finds herself in the company of a giant who collects and distributes dreams and must protect her from much larger giants with an appetite for children.

[The Legend of Tarzan] The Legend of Tarzan

Drama/Action: A late 19th century British aristocrat returns to Africa, where he was raised by apes, to investigate questionable business activities in the Congo.

[Our Kind of Traitor] Our Kind of Traitor

Dramatic Thriller: A poetry professor and his lawyer wife find themselves caught up in a Russian money launderer's efforts to defect from the Russian mob.

[The Purge: Election Year] The Purge: Election Year

Action/Thriller: A cop turned bodyguard tries to keep a presidential candidate alive during an annual, government-sanctioned, twelve hour period of anarchy where anything goes, including murder.

[Swiss Army Man] Swiss Army Man

Dramedy: A suicidal man marooned on a deserted island is given a new lease on life when a corpse washes up on shore and the two become "friends."

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[Eye in the Sky] Eye in the Sky

Dramatic Thriller: Various military and government officials must decide whether to alter a mission from capturing a radicalized Brit to killing her and other terrorists, all with the potential of human collateral damage.

[Kung Fu Panda 3] Kung Fu Panda 3

Animated Action: The title character reunites with his long-lost father and must attain the warrior skills needed to combat a new, supernatural enemy.

[Whiskey Tango Foxtrot] Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Dramedy: A novice war reporter tries to make her mark in the industry while covering the war in Afghanistan in the mid 2000s.

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