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[Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie] Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Comedy: Two boozy British socialites lose everything when one of them is accused of murder, forcing them to flee to the French Riviera.

[Cafe Society] Cafe Society

Dramedy: A young man moves to 1930s era Hollywood where he falls in love with a young woman who's seeing a married man.

[Ice Age: Collision Course] Ice Age: Collision Course

Computer Animated Comedy: A number of ice age characters must contend with the pending arrival of a huge asteroid that could devastate Earth.

[Lights Out] Lights Out

Horror: A young woman tries to save her younger brother and their mentally ill mother from a supernatural entity that's only present in the dark or dimly lit spaces

[Star Trek Beyond] Star Trek Beyond

Sci-Fi: The crew of the Starship Enterprise must contend with the destruction of their ship by a villain who's intent on destroying a massive space city.

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[Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice] Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Superhero Action: A villain masterminds an epic battle between two superheroes who were already growing increasingly suspicious of and hostile toward each other.

[Elvis & Nixon] Elvis & Nixon

Dramedy: Various people work to set up a meeting between Elvis Presley and President Richard Nixon in the White House.

[Miles Ahead] Miles Ahead

Drama: A reporter tries to get a story about a legendary but mercurial jazz musician who hasn't delivered any new music in years.

[The Perfect Match] The Perfect Match

Comedy: A playboy finds himself falling in love for the first time with a woman who may just be unattainable.

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