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[Doctor Sleep] Doctor Sleep

Horror: A man who survived supernatural phenomena as a child meets a girl who has psychic powers just like him, and they must use those against a quasi-immortal clan that wants to kill them for their powers.

[Last Christmas] Last Christmas

Romantic Comedy: Affected by a past medical issue and being estranged from her family, a young woman's life turns around when she meets an optimistic young man who's determined to change her outlook on life.

[Midway] Midway

Drama: Months after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, remaining American forces try to figure out where the Japanese will strike next and then mount a defense and counterattack.

[Playing With Fire] Playing With Fire

Comedy: A crew of four manly firefighters has to take care of a teenage girl and her kid siblings after rescuing them from a cabin fire.

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[The Angry Birds Movie 2] The Angry Birds Movie 2

Computer-Animated Comedy: Two former enemies join forces to stop an outsider from destroying their respective islands.

[Brian Banks] Brian Banks

Drama: A young man must contend with the continued fallout of having been falsely accused and sentenced for raping a girl a decade earlier as a teen, all while trying to clear his name in hopes of having one last chance to make it in the NFL

[The Farewell] The Farewell

Dramedy: A Chinese-born American woman returns to China to join her immediate and extended family to see her terminally ill grandmother who's unaware of her diagnosis and believes everyone is there to attend her grandson's wedding.

[47 Meters Down: Uncaged] 47 Meters Down: Uncaged

Suspense/Thriller: A group of teenage girls must contend with being trapped underwater in an archaeological site with a hungry shark.

[Good Boys] Good Boys

Comedy: Three sixth-grade boys get into various misadventures when they ditch school, wreck an expensive drone, come into possession of illegal drugs, and obsess over getting invited to their first "kissing party."

[The Peanut Butter Falcon] The Peanut Butter Falcon

Drama: A desperate man on the run ends up taking care of and then bonding with a young man with Down Syndrome who simply wants to attend a professional wrestling school.

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