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Here's How You Can Eliminate Your Worries About The Sex, Nudity,
Profanity, Violence & More That Your Kids Are Seeing In Today's Movies

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[Alpha] Alpha

Drama/Action: Having been left for dead after a hunting accident, a young Paleolithic era man sets out across hostile environs to try to make it home, with his only companion being a wild wolf he's nursed back to health.

[Crazy Rich Asians] Crazy Rich Asians

Romantic Comedy: A young Asian-American woman travels to Singapore for a wedding where she meets and must contend with her boyfriend's ultra-wealthy family.

[Mile 22] Mile 22

Action: An elite team of CIA ops tries to get a foreign defector out of his country in exchange for him giving up the location of missing cesium that's going to be used in a terrorist attack.

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[Avengers: Infinity War] Avengers: Infinity War

Superhero Action: Various superheroes attempt to stop a megalomaniacal villain from obtaining six rare but powerful stones that he intends to use to wipe out half of the universe's population.

[Bad Samaritan] Bad Samaritan

Suspense/Thriller: After breaking into a rich man's house and discovering a kidnapping victim, a young burglar must decide what to do.

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