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[Annabelle Comes Home] Annabelle Comes Home

Horror: Two teenagers and the preteen they're babysitting must contend with unspeakable evil being released into their house.

[Child's Play] Child's Play

Horror: A boy and others must contend with a high-tech but defective doll going on a killing spree.

[Toy Story 4] Toy Story 4

Computer-Animated Comedy: A group of toys that come to life whenever humans aren't around try to find their human girl's favorite new toy that's flown the coop, all while dealing with a doll and her ventriloquist dummy henchmen who want something from the toys' leader.

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[The Aftermath] The Aftermath

Drama: A British wife, still grieving over her dead son from a Nazi bombing during WWII, joins her military husband in Hamburg where she hates all Germans but then starts to have a change of heart toward the handsome widower whose house they're occupying.

[Dumbo] Dumbo

Drama: The arrival of a baby circus elephant with huge ears throws everyone for a loop, especially when it's revealed he can fly.

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