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[Alita: Battle Angel] Alita: Battle Angel

Sci-Fi: A centuries-old cyborg must use her battle skills to protect herself and those she cares for from others who want her captured or killed, all while trying to remember her past.

[Happy Death Day 2U] Happy Death Day 2U

Horror-Comedy: A college coed continues to relive the day she dies over and over again, only this time the day is repeating in a dimension where her late mother is still alive.

[Isn't It Romantic] Isn't It Romantic

Romantic Comedy: After receiving a bump to the head a woman who doesn't believe in romantic comedies suddenly finds herself stuck inside one.

[Arctic] Arctic

Drama: The lone survivor of a small plane crash in a remote section of the Arctic does what he can and must to survive.

[Cold Pursuit] Cold Pursuit

Action/Black Comedy: A father seeks out deadly revenge on those responsible for his son's murder, all of which sets off a battle between rival drug operations.

[The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part] The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

Animated Action/Comedy: A cheerful LEGO figure sets out to rescue his friends who've been kidnapped by their shape-shifting enemy.

[The Prodigy] The Prodigy

Horror: A couple must contend with the possibility that the reincarnated soul of a serial killer might be inside their eight-year-old son's body.

[What Men Want] What Men Want

Comedy: A career woman working in the male-dominated field of sports agents can suddenly hear the thoughts of men and uses this ability to her advantage.

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[Bohemian Rhapsody] Bohemian Rhapsody

Drama: A rock band rises to fame during the 1970s and '80s and must contend with success, including what it does to their flamboyant and larger than life lead singer.

[Nobody's Fool] Nobody's Fool

Romantic Comedy: A career woman with a checkered romantic past must decide if she can find true love with a goodhearted ex-con, who's turned his life around.

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