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[Get Hard] Get Hard

Comedy: A multi-millionaire is sentenced to prison for white-collar crimes and hires who he thinks is a thug ex-con to teach him how to survive behind bars.

[A Girl Like Her] A Girl Like Her

Drama: As a documentary film crew captures their words and mindset, family members, friends and classmates react to the attempted suicide by a high school sophomore who's been bullied and harassed by her former friend.

[Home] Home

Computer-Animated Sci-Fi Comedy: After he inadvertently sends out a message that might alert his species' enemy to their whereabouts now on Earth, an extraterrestrial goes on the run with a human teen who's searching for her mother.

[Woman in Gold] Woman in Gold

Drama: A young American lawyer tries to help an elderly woman regain her family's valuable and famous paintings from an Austrian museum where they've hung for decades after Nazis stole them during WWII.

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[The Imitation Game] The Imitation Game

Drama: A socially awkward but brilliant mathematician leads a team trying to break the German enigma code during WWII.

[Interstellar] Interstellar

Science-Fiction: Four astronauts travel through a wormhole hoping to find a habitable planet to relocate Earth's population.

[Island of Lemurs: Madagasca] Island of Lemurs: Madagasca

Documentary: A look at the various species of lemurs on Madagascar.

[Wild	] Wild

Drama: Following her mother's death and the end of her marriage, a woman hikes a 1,000 mile trail in hopes of finding herself.

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