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[Black Christmas] Black Christmas

Horror: A college sorority comes under murderous attack after it insults a misogynistic fraternity just before winter break.

[Jumanji: The Next Level] Jumanji: The Next Level

Adventure: Four friends who previously survived a trip into a video game find themselves back there again, but most now in new avatar bodies they must use to save the day before it's too late.

[Richard Jewell] Richard Jewell

Drama: Initially labeled a hero for saving people's lives at an Olympics event, a Georgia security guard soon finds himself the prime suspect, both by the FBI and the press.

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[Hustlers] Hustlers

Drama: A number of strip club dancers band together to steal money from men.

[It Chapter Two] It Chapter Two

Horror: A small group of people return to their hometown to battle an evil entity that they thought they vanquished decades ago as kids.

[Once Upon a Time in Hollywood] Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Drama: A late 1960s actor and his stunt double deal with possibly being left behind in the movie business, while a rising starlet is unaware that her path is about to intersect with a murderous cult.

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