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[Don't Breathe] Don't Breathe

Suspense/Thriller: Three young burglars get more than they bargained for when they break into a blind man's home in a deserted Detroit neighborhood hoping to steal a large sum of cash from him.

[Greater] Greater

Drama: A man tries to come to grips with the untimely death of his younger brother who was just on the cusp of NFL stardom.

[Hands of Stone] Hands of Stone

Drama: A headstrong boxer must contend with what success does to his career and life.

[Mechanic: Resurrection] Mechanic: Resurrection

Action: When the love of his life is kidnapped, an assassin must come out of retirement and complete new contract hits and make them look like accidents.

[Southside With You] Southside With You

Drama: A college student and his law firm advisor go on their first date.

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[The Huntsman: Winter's War] The Huntsman: Winter's War

Fantasy Action/Drama: A huntsman tries to find Snow White's missing magic mirror before an evil ice queen gets her hands on it.

[The Nice Guys] The Nice Guys

Action-Comedy: A private detective and a hired enforcer join forces and uncover a trail of dead bodies while trying to find a missing young woman.

[Ratchet & Clank] Ratchet & Clank

Computer Animated Sci-Fi: A young mechanic joins a group of galactic heroes to stop a villain who's been destroying planets for his own gain.

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