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[Darkest Hour] Darkest Hour

Drama: The Prime Minister of England must contend with the growing threat facing his country -- and the debate about how to proceed -- as German's invasion of Europe heads their way.

[Just Getting Started] Just Getting Started

Comedy: The general manager of a retirement community must contend with a new resident who challenges him as the alpha male among all of the men and women there.

[The Shape of Water] The Shape of Water

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: A mute cleaning lady develops a unique bond with an intelligent amphibian type creature that's been captured by the U.S. military in the early 1960s.

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[All Saints] All Saints

Drama: A newly ordained Episcopalian minister tries to save a financially strapped church and the Burmese refugees who've come there to worship.

[Detroit] Detroit

Dramatic Thriller: During the Detroit riots of 1967, a number of African-Americans must contend with racist white cops who terrorize them and two white women in a motel.

[Home Again] Home Again

Romantic Comedy: A recently separated woman moves from New York City to Los Angeles with her two daughters and takes in three young filmmakers, one of whom becomes her lover.

[Kingsman The Golden Circle] Kingsman The Golden Circle

Action: After most of their team is murdered, a small number of British secret agents join forces with their American counterparts in hopes of bringing down the ruthless leader of a drug cartel who's threatening the lives of millions of people if her demands are not met.

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