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[The Magnificent Seven] The Magnificent Seven

Western/Action: A disparate group of men join forces to take on a ruthless mining baron and his armed men who've taken over a small town.

[Queen of Katwe] Queen of Katwe

Drama: A young girl hopes to escape the slums and poverty of her Ugandan town by becoming an international chess champion.

[Storks] Storks

Computer Animated Comedy/Adventure: A stork looking to move up the command chain at his delivery company tries to contain the problems caused when a human accidentally activates the previously shuttered baby making machine the storks once used to deliver children to new parents.

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[Central Intelligence] Central Intelligence

Comedy/Action: An accountant finds his life turned upside down when his former high school classmate gets him involved in a dangerous CIA case.

[Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates] Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Comedy: Two brothers get more than they bargained for when they bring two young women to their sister's wedding as their dates.

[The Neon Demon] The Neon Demon

Dramatic Thriller: A sixteen-year-old takes the modeling world by storm and must contend with those drawn in by or who are jealous of her natural beauty.

[The Shallows] The Shallows

Suspense: A young woman must contend with being stranded just off shore following a shark attack.

[Warcraft] Warcraft

Fantasy/Action: Humans must contend with humanoid beings invading their world, all while one of the latter questions his ruler's leadership.

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