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[The Choice] The Choice

Drama: Despite a rocky start, neighbors in a small coastal town end up falling for each other.

[Hail, Caesar] Hail, Caesar

Comedy: A 1950s era Hollywood studio executive must contend with juggling lots of movies and stars, and the headaches that accompany both, as well as the abduction of one of his leading men.

[Pride and Prejudice and Zombies] Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Action/Horror/Comedy: In 19th century England where London is a walled, safe haven from zombies, a number of highly trained sisters must not only contend with the undead, but also the callings of their aristocratic society, including the prospects of marriage and finding the right man.

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[99 Homes] 99 Homes

Drama: A desperate single father who has just lost his home goes to work for the unscrupulous man who engineered his foreclosure.

[Crimson Peak] Crimson Peak

Horror: A young woman of the late 19th century moves to her new husband's dilapidated, English mansion and must contend not only with supernatural events there, but also her husband's creepy sister.

[Grandma] Grandma

Dramedy: A surly lesbian grandmother hits the road with her pregnant granddaughter to find money for the teen's abortion.

[Love the Coopers] Love the Coopers

Family Comedy: A large family gathers for a Christmas Eve celebration where secrets, lies, petty jealousies, and regrets threaten to unravel multiple relationships.

[Spectre] Spectre

Action: A British secret agent sets out to stop a villain from controlling a global network of surveillance systems.

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