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[Incarnate] Incarnate

Horror: A man with a tragic past enters the subconscious of an 11-year-old to kill the demonic entity that's possessing the boy.

[Loving] Loving

Drama: A white man and black woman must contend with the ramifications of being married and living in the state of Virginia during the 1950s and '60s.

[Moonlight] Moonlight

Drama: A character grapples with growing up poor in the rough inner-city, dealing with bullies, and trying to sort out his sexuality as he transitions from a shy and picked-on boy through being a teenager and then an adult man.

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[Jason Bourne] Jason Bourne

Action: A former government operative continues trying to solve the mystery of his past while dealing with an ambitious CIA cyber ops specialist and her boss, the CIA director, who either wants him captured or killed.

[The Secret Life of Pets] The Secret Life of Pets

Computer-Animated Comedy: A dog's life is upended when a new pet in his home results in an adventurous time in and under New York City.

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