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Here's How You Can Eliminate Your Worries About The Sex, Nudity,
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[The Book of Henry] The Book of Henry

Drama: A single mom must contend with her brilliant son's belief that their next door neighbor is abusing his teenage stepdaughter, along with his well-calculated plan detailing what to do about that.

[Cars 3] Cars 3

Computer-Animated Dramedy: A famous anthropomorphic race car must contend with having grown older and not being able to defeat younger and faster competitors.

[47 Meters Down] 47 Meters Down

Suspense: Two sisters must contend with being stuck forty-seven meters below the surface of the sea when their shark cage comes lose from their boat and sinks.

[Rough Night] Rough Night

Comedy: Five former college friends travel to Miami for their best friend's wild bachelorette party and accidentally kill a man.

[Transformers: The Last Knight] Transformers: The Last Knight

Sci-Fi: A disparate and desperate group of humans and sentient, shape-shifting robots must contend with a threat that could mean the literal end of the world.

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[A Dog's Purpose] A Dog's Purpose

Drama: A canine ends up being reincarnated as different dogs over a span of fifty-some years with different owners.

[Life] Life

Science-Fiction: Six astronauts aboard the International Space Station discover an extraterrestrial life form, and it turns out to be quite malevolent.

[Sleepless] Sleepless

Drama/Action: After coming into possession of twenty-five kilos of cocaine, an undercover detective tries to rescue his teenage son who's been kidnapped by a casino boss who owes the drugs to a dangerous gangster.

[Wilson] Wilson

Comedy: A misanthrope tries to reunite with his ex-wife and learns that they have a 17-year-old daughter.

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