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Here's How You Can Eliminate Your Worries About The Sex, Nudity,
Profanity, Violence & More That Your Kids Are Seeing In Today's Movies

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[Encanto] Encanto [In Theaters]

Computer-Animated Musical: A family where all but one is blessed with magical abilities must contend with that magic suddenly waning.

[House of Gucci] House of Gucci [In Theaters]

Drama: A family-run fashion empire must contend with changing times and in-fighting, especially when a new wife begins pushing for more control.

[The Humans] The Humans [In Theaters and on Showtime]

Drama/Horror: A family gathers for Thanksgiving with tensions and the apartment's weird vibes affecting everyone.

[Ghostbusters: Afterlife] Ghostbusters: Afterlife [In Theaters]

Comedy/Horror: Two kids discover that their grandfather was a former ghostbuster and must use his equipment to battle a new outbreak of ghouls.

[King Richard] King Richard [In Theaters and on HBO Max]

Drama: A determined father doesn't stray from his plan to turn two of his daughters into tennis champions.

[Tick, Tick...Boom!] Tick, Tick...Boom! [In Theaters and on Netflix]

Musical: A playwright tries to balance his various relationships with his need to write one last song for the upcoming workshop of his long-gestating, sci-fi musical.

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[Joe Bell] Joe Bell [DVD - Blu-ray]

Drama: A man walks across America to spread the word about bullying and how it affected his teenage son.

[Needle in a Timestack] Needle in a Timestack [DVD - Blu-ray]

Sci-Fi: A man worries that his wife's ex-husband is trying to sabotage their relationship via time travel.

[The Night House] The Night House [DVD - Blu-ray]

Horror: A teacher must contend with creepy occurrences at her lakefront house following her husband's suicide.

[Old] Old [DVD - Blu-ray]

Suspense/Thriller: A group of strangers find themselves stuck on a remote beach that's somehow causing them to age at an incredibly fast rate.

[The Protégé] The Protégé [DVD - Blu-ray]

Action: When she believes her mentor has been murdered, a highly trained assassin sets out to find out who's responsible and make them pay.

[Snake Eyes] Snake Eyes [DVD - Blu-ray]

Action: A street fighter trains to become a ninja warrior while getting tangled up in a Japanese clan's family feud.

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