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[Violent Night] Violent Night [In Theaters]

Action: A disillusioned Santa must contend with armed mercenaries who've taken a girl and her family hostage to steal $300 million.

[Devotion] Devotion [In Theaters]

Drama: An early 1950s Navy aviator must contend with both racism and being shipped off to the budding war in Korea.

[The Fabelmans] The Fabelmans [In Theaters]

Drama: A movie-loving teen learns the power of filmmaking in dealing with various personal issues in his life.

[Strange World] Strange World [In Theaters]

Computer Animated Adventure: A family travels to a land beneath their own to try to save the power source that fuels their world.

[Disenchanted] Disenchanted [Disney+]

Musical/Comedy: A former animated princess who now unhappily lives in the real world must contend with the ripple effect of using magic to turn her, her family, and their entire suburban town into a real-life fairy tale.

[She Said] She Said [In Theaters]

Drama: New York Times reporters begin investigating reports of sexual crimes and improprieties by a famous Hollywood producer and studio head.

[Spirited] Spirited [Apple TV+]

Comedy/Musical: The ghost of Christmas present may have met his match when he tries to reform a man who's been labeled as irredeemable.

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[Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore] Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore [Digital]

Fantasy: A small group of wizards and allies try to stop an evil wizard from gaining more power and starting a war against his enemies.

[Father Stu] Father Stu [Digital]

Drama: A crude and crass, non-religious man decides to change his life and become a priest.

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