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Here's How You Can Eliminate Your Worries About The Sex, Nudity,
Profanity, Violence & More That Your Kids Are Seeing In Today's Movies

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[Infinite] Infinite [Paramount+]

Action: A man learns that not only has he been reincarnated through the ages, but also that his former self hid a weapon that his adversary wanted and now still wants to use to destroy the world.

[In The Heights] In The Heights [In Theaters and on HBO Max]

Musical: Residents of a New York neighborhood deal with a summer heat wave and increasing gentrification that's pushing them out.

[Peter Rabbit 2:  The Runaway] Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway [In Theaters]

Computer-Animated Comedy: Unable to shake his reputation, a mischievous, talking rabbit ends up in a situation where his bad bunny behavior is appreciated.

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[The Lovebirds] The Lovebirds [DVD - Blu-ray]

Comedy: After witnessing a murder moments after realizing their romantic relationship is over, a couple tries to find the killer to avoid being charged with the crime.

[Nobody] Nobody [Digital Release]

Action/Dramedy: A seemingly unremarkable man springs into action when a Russian mobster targets him and his family.

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