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Here's How You Can Eliminate Your Worries About The Sex, Nudity,
Profanity, Violence & More That Your Kids Are Seeing In Today's Movies

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[Copshop] Copshop [In Theaters]

Action: A bored cop must contend with several hitmen and their target ending up in her police station.

[Cry Macho] Cry Macho [In Theaters and on HBO Max]

Drama: An old man travels to Mexico to find and return his former boss' 13-year-old son to Texas.

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[Black Widow] Black Widow [DVD - Blu-ray]

Superhero Action: A superhero must contend with her past, including her estranged sister, while dealing with a villain who's determined to conquer the world.

[The Boss Baby:  Family Business] The Boss Baby: Family Business [DVD - Blu-ray]

Computer-Animated Comedy: Estranged adult brothers are turned back into undercover kids to infiltrate a school and investigate its questionable leader.

[Free Guy] Free Guy [Digital]

Sci-Fi/Action-Comedy: A man learns that he's a character in a video game and does what he can to prevent it from being shut down.

[The Forever Purge] The Forever Purge [Digital]

Action/Thriller: Various people do what they must to survive a nationwide killing spree that's continued well past its officially mandated twelve-hour window.

[The Suicide Squad] The Suicide Squad [Digital]

Superhero Action: A disparate group of anti-hero prisoners are sent to another country on a mission to destroy a lab and the dangerous work and monster inside it.

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